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What do you want to create? To be a successful trainer or coach? To enjoy what you teach and how you teach it? To share what you know that will help another person be successful in their career or in their lives? Whatever your teaching dream is, you can advance it as you become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning.


When you enroll in CFAL, you progress at your own pace, in your own environment, using your own materials. CFAL course design may be looked at as a “plug and play”. You “plug” your content, your “stuff” into a system of education that is designed to develop your own confidence and competence as well as in those you teach. Along the way you interact with an educational expert 7 times to coach you in course design.


When you have completed CFAL you have a completed design for the course or class or workshop you intend to conduct. If your course is through Zoom, you’ve got it! Or by Zoom and live audience, you can handle it because you have planned what you are doing and how you are doing it. Presenting to 500 people, no problem. Teaching a group of 20 at your local library, you know what to do.


You learn a process of education that you use over and over again. You develop the reputation of being a “natural teacher” because you have integrated this process in everything you do. Yes there are natural teachers who by their strong empathy and intuition know just what to do and when to do it. Yet if you ask them how they know how to teach they will tell you that they learned the hard way, by trial and error. Or they will tell you about the train the trainer workshop that turned their view of teaching around. Or how, as in my case, they pursued higher education because they wanted to know everything they could about this process of teaching and learning.

I look forward to see the lightbulbs go off over your heads as you “get it” and discover a different way of looking at teaching and learning than you had before. What you teach after taking this course may not change, but how you teach it will. You will have more enjoyment, more time, better rapport with others as you watch them grow in confidence and competence. Learning can be frustrating at times as we grasp new ideas, but mostly learning is fun!

I”m looking forward to meeting you!
Jill Henry, EdD

Dr. Jill Henry, EdD

Why choose to embark on the journey of becoming a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning (CFAL)?

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your current career or step into a new educational path, the certification as a CFAL opens doors to boundless possibilities in the realm of adult education.

At CFAL, we recognize and celebrate educators like you – individuals with a profound awareness of the struggles that shape the learning journey. Your empathy is not just a quality; it’s the foundation of your teaching philosophy. You understand that it’s not merely the subject matter but the manner in which it is delivered that leaves an enduring impact on others’ confidence and competence.

Join CFAL and embark on a journey where you not only empower others but also unleash your own creative genius in the world of education.

Program Format: Unleash Your Educational Journey!

Creative Course Crafting:
Design your own courses, emphasizing the fusion of Knowledge, Understanding, Attitudes, and Feelings. The power is in your hands to shape transformative learning experiences.

Unlocking the Secrets of Learning:
Delve deep into the art and science of learning, integrating principles seamlessly into your course design. Uncover the secrets that make education truly impactful.

Building Competence and Confidence:
Equip yourself with tools to enhance learner competence and confidence. Create an environment that nurtures personal and intellectual growth, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Tailored Experience:
Enjoy a flexible program structure that accommodates your preferences. Opt for a self-paced journey or immerse yourself in an intensive learning experience—tailored to suit your needs.

Learning Coach Support:
Receive invaluable feedback at seven checkpoints from a dedicated learning coach. Benefit from expert guidance in Adult Education, ensuring you navigate the program with confidence.

Interactive Learning Platform:
Utilize the CFAL hosted Google Drive page for course design, where innovation seamlessly intertwines with effective facilitation. Experience a dynamic platform that encourages interactive learning.

Flexible Time Commitment:
Engage in approximately 17 focused hours, offering adaptability for participants to set their own pace. Balance your educational journey with other commitments seamlessly.

Personal Learning Adventure:
Embark on a personal learning adventure that empowers you to take charge of your own educational journey. Experience the satisfaction of personal and professional growth with CFAL!

Take a Casual Quick look at CFAL Modules

Module 1 – Teaching

Adult Learning and Development: Dive into the story of adult learning, separating it from the childhood stuff. Shift from being the bossy teacher to becoming a facilitation whiz.

Assumptions of Andragogy – Adult Learning: Get down to the nitty-gritty of four core beliefs crucial for adult learning magic.

Principles of Andragogy – Foundations Explore the nine keys to adult success in learning adventures.

Adult Learning Practices: Cook up an atmosphere that’s just right for grown-up learning.

Transpersonal Education Environment for Peak Experiences: Use Maslow’s hierarchy for some facilitation and transformation wizardry.

Learner-Centered Objectives Overview: Peek into the world of objectives that put participants at the heart of the action.

Writing Your Own Objectives: Learn the ropes of penning course titles, purpose, and objectives.

Module 2 – Learning

Determining Personal Style, Personal Characteristics, and Teaching Strategies: Figure out your teaching groove based on your personality type. Discover your quirks and tricks for making teaching a breeze.

Methods of Instruction: Stir up and serve a mix of active learning experiences.

Designing Your Course – Integrating Objectives, Content: Wrap your head around your own course structure.

Experiential Learning Cycle and Facilitation Questions: Go on a journey into the experiential learning cycle. Whip up some killer questions for each stage.

Module 3 – Evaluating

Feedback, Evaluation, and Course Submissions: Learn how to use feedback and evaluation to rock your facilitation game.

Pre-Post Test Submission Test: Write out some test questions to see how much they’ve picked up.

Evaluation of Your Course Submission Test: Share your thoughts and feelings about the course you built.

Module 4 – Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings: Do a final wrap-up of your learning journey using the experiential learning cycle. Say goodbye to the course with style.

CFAL Course Evaluation: Share your two cents on the CFAL course. Reflection and recommendations for more learning adventures.

Participant Reviews: Unleashing Potential with CFAL

CFAL has been a transformative journey for me as an educator. The program’s emphasis on merging knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and feelings has reshaped how I approach course design. The flexibility of the program allowed me to craft my own learning path, and the guidance from my learning coach was invaluable. CFAL’s interactive platform and innovative techniques helped me create courses that resonate with learners. I now feel equipped to build competence and confidence in my students. Highly recommended for educators ready to take their teaching to the next level!

— Sarah T., CFAL Graduate

CFAL provided a comprehensive exploration of adult learning, exceeding my expectations. The experiential learning cycle and the emphasis on behavioral objectives were game-changers for me. The program’s format allowed me to balance my existing commitments while delving deep into each module. The participant evaluation form I designed has proven to be an effective tool in gathering valuable feedback. CFAL has truly empowered me to facilitate adult learning with creativity and impact.

— Michael L., CFAL Alumnus

Enrolling in CFAL was one of the best decisions I made for my professional growth. The program’s tailored experience allowed me to choose my pace, and the learning coach’s feedback at checkpoints kept me on track. The knowledge gained in understanding learning styles and integrating them into my courses has enhanced my teaching effectiveness. CFAL is a must for any educator seeking to create meaningful and impactful learning experiences.

— Emily K., CFAL Certified Facilitator

CFAL has been a game-changer in my career. The participant-focused objectives and the design of pre-test/post-test tools have been instrumental in gauging the effectiveness of my courses. The program’s structure caters to diverse learning styles, making it inclusive and engaging. I now feel more confident and competent as a facilitator, and I attribute it to the rich experience CFAL provided.

— David S., CFAL Graduate

CFAL lived up to its promise of an electrifying learning adventure. The seven components of adult learning were demystified, and I now approach teaching with a holistic perspective. The flexibility to choose a self-paced or immersive learning experience was a significant plus, accommodating my busy schedule. The integration of formal and informal evaluation techniques has elevated the impact of my courses. CFAL is a game-changer for anyone passionate about adult education.

— Jessica M., CFAL Alumnus

Embark on Your Transformation: Dr. Jill Henry's CFAL Journey

Hi you magnificant being,

I’m thrilled to share a bit about my journey, the heartbeat of CFAL. Starting as a physical therapy graduate at The Ohio State University, I evolved from a self-centered teaching style to a competency-based, learner-centered approach at a university’s Physical Therapy program. Mentored by the incredible Dr. Bella J. May and Dr. Malcolm Knowles, I learned the ropes of critical thinking, values, and the crucial role of clear objectives in education.

Embracing Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s Total Quality Management during my corporate training years, I fused learner empowerment with adult learning principles. The 1980s and 1990s saw me crisscrossing the country, teaching educators and trainers to apply Adult Learning principles, culminating in the birth of the Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning course.

Now, as a transformative educator, author, and consultant, I’ve left a legacy by empowering learners and integrating Adult Learning principles into education across various fields. CFAL is the gateway to this transformative journey, and I invite you to join us and unlock your potential with the expertise I’ve gained along the way.

Excited to have you on board!
Dr. Jill Henry, EdD, Creator of CFALJill N.Henry, EdD