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 Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning (CFAL) – online Train the Trainer Course


Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning (CFAL)

Learning and Growing

Become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning, CFAL

Watch your training become easier and more rewarding by designing competency based courses using adult active learning objectives and techniques.

Did you know that when you prepare information to teach either live or online you are an active learner and your retention of the materials is above 90%?

Did you know what when you present your information in only one direction through lecture/discussion/video formats your learners by definition are considered passive and will retain between 10% and 30%?

What if you could switch that around? What if there was a way to get who you are teaching to up to 80% or 90% retention? The way is CFAL

The Way is CFAL

CFAL is a self-paced, online course that guides you in the development of active, competency based training and development course designs.

In CFAL you work with your own content, applying what you learn to your content as you develop strategies for active learning to accomplish the goals you set for the course you want to teach.

CFAL is self-paced. You are given access to all the resources of the entire course when you enroll and have the option to learn the material at your own pace, in your own space and your own time.

An Expert Mentor is assigned to work with you at 7 different stages of your course development to ensure that you have acquired the competencies necessary for each level of your course creation.

You become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning by successfully designing an active learner course that you can teach in your business or professional field.

CFAL might be right for you IF:

You are tired of filling the vessel. 

No matter how many presentations you give, how many on-line demonstrations your give, how many training programs you develop – your participants still are unable to apply what you teach to their daily jobs, professions and lives. There is little or no carry over.

Maybe the problem isn’t what you are doing but what they are doing to themselves.  Tap here to read one solution! 

Even you are bored with your mandatory training materials.

If you have to teach another group of people orientation to your business you might scream. And what’s the point? They will work awhile, othen quit, and it starts all over again.

You work in the human resources and it’s time for annual training.

Everyone groans when they see you in the hallway because they know it’s time for more training. You have just emailed them a list of on-line mini courses they must complete by x date. A day or two later everyone avoids  even looking at you because someone has gone through the courses and recorded the correct answers. The answer sheet is being passed around. All the employee now has to do is wade through the bit on ethics, or harrassment, or procedures by rapidly clicking  enter for each page until they get to the tests and/or playing the videos while doing other work until they get to the test screen, where they type in the correct answers and pass the course.  

You work in an industry or profession where problem solving and critical thinking are essential.

As much as you try to develop problem solving and critical thinking in your training sessions, out on the streets in the real world all thinking seems to leave their heads.  You see behaviors cropping up that you thought your employees understood were not correct, unprofessional or dangerous, depending on your career. But apparently not, because they keep making the same errors in judgment time after time until they are so tightly supervised they are corrected on the spot or they are fired. 

You want to share your knowledge, skills and insights.

Over the years you’ve develped special skills (work or hobby related) such as yoga, chi gong, art, music, drumming, listening, exercising, flower arranging,  business planing, funding, and would like to teach them to others. Maybe as continuing education for a community college or even a senior service center. 

You want to start offering CEU approved Professional Education

You’ve been teaching your peers your unique approaches to the tasks of your profession and now want to get your course approved for CEU credits by your professional association.

You know nothing about teaching and this course looks good. 

You are searching for a new career path or wanting to explore areas outside your box. You have the time. Who knows, it may open up a whole new line of work for you. 

What does CFAL do?

  • CFAL is designed to kindle the flame within you for what you are teaching, so you may kindle the flame within your learners. 

  • CFAL gives you a process of teaching that will stand by you no matter what you teach. 

  • In CFAL you learn that process by designing a training program at your own pace and with your own content.

  • You will have a mentor (facilitator) to help you along the way.

  • And you will be able to use what you have developed in CFAL immediately after completion to teach a class or course.  

How is CFAL Structured?

  • CFAL is Self- Paced.
  • Upon signing up and loging in, you are given access to all course materials. While there is a recommended way to proceed through the course, how you proceed is entirely up to you.
  • Within the course are pre/post test quizes. They are entirely for your awareness of what you know already and what you may need to learn. You are the only one who sees theses quizes and the answers are available at the end each time you take the quiz.
  • CFAL is competency based. You become certified as a Facilitator of Adult Learning when you have demonstrated meeting the CFAL course objectives by completing an entire course design based on your own content.
  • A file is set up for you on Google Drive (used to be Google Docs). As you build your course you will submit 7 pieces of your course design on your Google Drive page. Each part of your document is reviewed and feedback given within 2 business days of submission. 
  • Feedback may include suggestions and requests to expand or explain each section. Initial feedback is given in writing. If necessary a Zoom call may be set up to clarify what the objective is calling for and how you can meet it. That is, what part of your thinking, problem solving is getting stuck and together we will unstick it!
  •  At the completion of the 7 components and a course evaluation you will be mailed a signed and framed certificate for 20 hours of on-line continuting education.  

Reasons Participants have become Certified

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