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In CFAL, Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning, you learn How to Teach, What you Teach. We provide one on one feedback as you learn the skills to develop your in person or on-line training course. Without the Knowledge, Skills and Mindsets, in person and online training become nothing more than show and tell.

Let us know your course ideas and we will work with you to determine if  CFAL is right for you!

Teaching and Training require


CFAL takes you beyond “show and tell” knowledge into the higher level processes required to teach creative thinking and problem solving.  Continue Reading


In CFAL competency based training, you learn to recognize different learning styles and how to adapt your course to ensure learner success. Continue Reading


Adults bring a rich history of experience into your classroom. Knowing how to use learner’s experience is vital to a successful outcome. Continue Reading

Advance Training

Advanced training is provided in CFAL by 7 one-on-one feedback sessions with your instructor as you create your own customized course. When completed, you will be able to go out and teach it immediately! Continue Reading


The development of competence is the desired goal of all training and teaching. In CFAL competency based training, you learn how to create a roadmap to competence for your learners. Continue Reading


The skills you learn in a CFAL online course for teaching adults apply to every course or training program you now teach or may teach in the future. They last a lifetime and make your teaching more effective and more rewarding. Continue Reading


Ability in both trainer/teacher and learner is built step by step using higher and lower level mental, physical and attitudinal objectives from the 3 domains of learning. Continue Reading

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Use of the Experiential Leaning Style presented in CFAL allows you to facilitate growth of your learners as well as yourself! Continue Reading

Who is CFAL designed for?

Industry and Manufacturing

Industry and Manufacturing

Training manufacturing employees requires equal emphasis on What to do (the procedures) and How to recognize when something is not right (avoiding problems).



Companies who have problems with employee performance and retention have neglected to train their staff in the analytical and problem-solving skills that make them contributing members of the company. Without feeling valued, they move on.



Healing occurs through the opening of all senses and feelings. The competent practitioner, from Physicians and Nurses to Allied and Complimentary Health Professionals, must be trained in the skills of compassion and caring as expressed through words, voice and touch.


Training and Teaching

No one learns a skill by lecture or readiing alone. "Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand." Confucius 450 BC

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