Create, Communicate, Facilitate

True teaching is providing experiences to help others learn, then standing back and watching them learn.

I have a bias. I have never appreciated someone telling me something and expecting me to remember it or showing me how to do something and expecting me to somehow have magically learned the skill by observation alone.

During my 10 years as an Associate Professor in the wide world of academics, I observed many instructors talk about how dumb their students were for not getting what they were talking about.

There are no dumb students. There are plenty of tone-deaf instructors.

While there, others like me began to teach teachers how to teach college students. That broadened into business consulting and train the trainer workshops for me after I left academics and became an entrepreneur.

Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning (CFAL) is an online, self-paced course in designing active learning experiences for adults with one-on-one help from an expert mentor during the course. CFAL is divided into 3 parts.

In Module 1 you use the principles of Adult Learning and Active Learning as a basis for establishing active learner centered goals and objectives for the course or training program you are developing.

You begin Module 2 by taking a Personal Style Inventory to gain perspective on the differences in learning styles that you will account for during the planning of the learning experiences you plan to offer in your course.

 Module 3 is a check point for your training program when you establish pre-post tests and determine how participants will ultimately be evaluated for achieving the goals at the completion of your training.

Each major component of the program you are designing is reviewed by an expert, giving you feedback and suggestions to ensure that your program design will meet your needs and the needs of your learners.  

CFAL  is an opportunity to me to give back to those teachers who understand that teaching is not just saying words and giving demonstrations. That true teaching is providing experiences for others to learn, then standing back and watching them learn.

I designed CFAL as a self-paced active adult learning course to provide the experiences for you to develop the skills to facilitate learning in others, no matter what you are teaching or who you are teaching it to. CFAL has been available for years and even been used by the US Navy at one point.

For the past 3 years my life became very busy and I stopped offering CFAL. The course you are seeing now is an upgrade and revision of my previous courses.

I hope you will take your time and read through the information about CFAL and contact me when you have questions. May your Journey Be-Well.

Jill Henry, EdD