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Who benefits from becoming Certified?

Anyone teaching adults just about anything will benefit from taking CFAL. 

Adjunct Professor, Attorney-Administrative and Criminal Law, Banking Team Manager, Clinical Information System Specialist, Confidential Secretary to the Commissioner, Corporate Development, Program Manager for Leadership Development, Certified Medical Assistant, Director of Education, Director of Healthcare Education, Early Head Start Manager, Hospice Care Consultant, Math Teacher, Marketing Manager, Mobile Communications Trainer, Massage Therapist/Instructor, Pharmaceutical Sales, Physical Therapist Assistant, Realtor and Adjunct College Professor, Regional Clinical Coordinator, Regional Audit Manager for Southern African Countries, Registered Nurse, Trauma Nurse, Telecoms Trainer, Training and Development.

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When is CFAL Offered?

Once enrolled in CFAL you are given access to all of the information for the entire course. CFAL is self-paced, so the When you take it is entirely up to you. 

Where is CFAL offered?

CFAl is offered in the comforts of your own home, or office, or park bench, or beach or wherever you have access to your smart phone or computer. 

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How is CFAL offered?

CFAL is a self-paced class for teaching adult learners offered in modules and units of study. There are 3 modules and a total of 30 individual units designed to improve training effectiveness.

Each unit contains relevant content and requires either a self-test or a submission test. Self-tests are completed by you and can be taken as many times as needed to understand the concepts. 

Submission tests are reviewed by your assigned mentor and written feedback is given to you thorough a collaboration page set up on Google Drive. By the end of the course your Google Drive page will contain your program design ready to you to download and teach.

Why take this online course?

This is a 20 contact hour course, that is, the average person will take about 20 hours of actual work on the course to complete it. The time it takes you will be individual to you.

Few online courses offer true collaboration and feedback from an expert mentor throughout the course. 

The course is self-paced, so you may dive right in, or you may spread it out over several months. The recommended time frame is approx. 6 weeks, however you may complete it in shorter or longer periods of time.

What is offered in CFAL

CFAL provides you with the tools you will use in both developing courses and in discovering the root causes of poor performance.

You will learn how to:

  • Approach adults as active learners,
  • Analyze behaviors to determine the root causes of performance problems
  • Identify the sequence of events necessary to accomplish a task.
  • Write behavioral objectives
  • Integrate content and objectives to determine active learning experiences
  • Ask questions that facilitate adult learning experiences
  • Evaluate learning outcomes.

Once completed, you will receive a framed certificate stating that you are a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning.