FAQ about Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

1. Who can benefit from CFAL?

Over the years, CFAL graduates have included all kinds of individuals from diverse occupations who hope to improve their training effectiveness, including: Adjunct Professor, Attorney-Administrative and Criminal Law, Banking Team Manager, Clinical Information System Specialist, Confidential Secretary to the Commissioner, Corporate Development, Program Manager for Leadership Development, Certified Medical Assistant, Director of Education, Director of Healthcare Education, Early Head Start Manager, Hospice Care Consultant, Math Teacher, Marketing Manager, Mobile Communications Trainer, Massage Therapist/Instructor, Pharmaceutical Sales, Physical Therapist Assistant, Realtor and Adjunct College Professor, Regional Clinical Coordinator, Regional Audit Manager for Southern African Countries, Registered Nurse, Trauma Nurse, Telecoms Trainer, Training and Development.

2. WHERE and WHEN can I take CFAL?

Our classes are online. Design CEU classes and courses in the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace and at your own times!

3. Do I need any special programs on my computer to take CFAL?

This course to improve training effectiveness is completely online and may be accessed from any browser platform, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and more.

4. How is this CFAL set up?

This is a self-paced class for teaching adult learners. There are 3 modules and a total of 30 individual units designed to improve training effectiveness. Each unit contains relevant content and requires either a self-test or a submission test. Self-tests are graded online by each participant immediately after completion. Submission tests are reviewed by Dr. Henry and written feedback is given to the participant.

5. How much feedback will I be receiving?

During this course, you will be submitting 7 "tests" to Dr. Henry. The tests include descriptions of your adult learning strategies, your specific course objectives, details of your course content and planned learning activities, questions you will use to facilitate your learners, course pre and post tests and course evaluations. Dr. Henry will personally review and provide feedback when you design CEU classes and courses. She may suggest changes and revisions or ask questions to help you clarify your workshop. In order to obtain your certification, you must submit all course information and make revisions as appropriate to meeting CFAL course objectives.


The course is self-paced, so you may dive right in, or you may spread it out over several months. The recommended time frame is approx. 6 weeks, however you may complete it in shorter or longer periods of time. We will honor your registration fee for 3 months. If you have not completed the course within 3 months, you may ask for and may be granted an extension. If you have not requested an extension or have not completed the course within 3 months, you will need to complete the registration and fee process again.

7. What if I start and realize that it isn't what I wanted?

This is a detailed class intended to help you improve training effectiveness, design CEU classes, and develop concrete skills required in adult learning. Once you purchase the course and receive your ID, we recommend that you briefly "view" the course to see if it meets your needs. If you are not satisfied with the content or format, then you may request a full refund.
Refunds must be requested within 3 days of receiving your login and are not valid once you have submitted an assignment for feedback. After three days, or submission of your first assignment, whichever comes first, a refund will no longer be available.

Why Become A Facilitator of Adult Learning?

Below are just a few of the reasons participants (in their own words) signed up for this course:

  • I am a new trainer for my company and I want to improve training effectiveness, giving my students the best learning experience that I can.
  • I have taken on a new role of providing computer training to our Clinicians. I know that Adults learn differently and I am really excited to learn all about it!
  • I'd like to become certified as an adult learning facilitator so that I may start and run a training department at my company.
  • I'm taking this course because I teach adults at a career college.
  • I facilitate a monthly Leadership Training for employees of Social Services.
  • I'm the manager of Corporate Development where I work and know about adult learning methods but want to learn more.
  • I will be setting up a College Graduate Onboarding program and I want to be sure that I'm being as effective as possible in my role.
  • I have applied for a position helping to train judges in the State of Florida.
  • I am taking this course to better myself as an instructor and it is a requirement for our accreditation for the college.
  • I am the Director of Education and an R.N. I need a background in Adult Learning techniques to better determine our training processes.
  • I have just started a new job as a trauma nurse consultant that involves delivering education to nurses and other staff at all levels.
  • I'd like to have a more detailed understanding of how adults learn in order to design CEU courses to better meet the needs of my students.
  • In running an Early Head Start Program, it is my responsibility to train staff to do the best they can to help the families in our program. I want to be able to train adults more effectively so we have the most impact possible in a child's life
  • I want to become a professional trainer and facilitator from knowing the theory of teaching and best practices.
  • The course is one that I view as a refinement and enhancement to the self-developed presentations I currently offer.
  • I am taking this course to better my understanding of Adult Learning Principles and how to apply them to my job. This will help me be more productive, and also will provide my students with a better way of learning their material crucial to their job.
  • I am taking this course to further my career in Nursing Education.
  • I was asked to present an in-service on Adult Learning for the purpose of educating our own methods that our clinic might modify/ change our patient teaching activities
  • I am working toward a new job. This job will allow me the opportunity to continue teaching but at multiple levels of education and age.

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