Free Training Articles

Free Training Articles

Learn how to Incorporate
Competency Based Training and Problem Solving
in every Corporate or Professional Training Course

Problem Solving is a skill that is not naturally born in someone - not a "you have it or you don't". Problem Solving is a learned behavior, a learned set of responses to the environment around you. Anyone can be taught how to become a Problem Solver!

The purpose of all training is for the learner to become competent mentally, physically and emotionally to perform the job for which they are being trained..

Certified Facilitators of Adult Learning are trained to analyze the Competencies they wish their learners to perform, and then to create learning experiences designed to enable learners to attain the competency.

The Hierarchy of Elements within a Competency are related to the logical sequence of steps necessary to attain the competency.

Competency Based Training Programs are organized around a clear statement of competency and objectives. A Competency is the intended, measurable outcome or performance that learners will achieve once they have completed your course,

Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

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