Create, Communicate, Facilitate

Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

Enroll today to become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning!

Access to all course materials online – no additional books to purchase!
A minimum of 7 separate feedback sessions with your course facilitator.
Development of a complete course tailored to your content and topic.
Individualized feedback – one on one to help you develop your best work.
A framed certificate stating that you have successfully completed 20 contact hours and are Certified as a Facilitator of Adult Learning

Note: Submission portions of this course require using Google Drive online to dialog and collaborate with your instructors.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a course filled with videos of people motivating you by telling your how they did it, CFAL is not the course for you. In CFAL you are treated as an adult who needs some training and guidance to design the best course you can for a particular type of learning to occur. You choose what you want your students/clients to learn. And you build your course around them. You leave CFAL with the new course you designed and the skills to truly facilitate learning for others.


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