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Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

Course Design Essentials for Successful Teaching & Learning

Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning


CFAL is a Train the Trainer course designed for everyone who teaches anything to just about anyone.

This online course provides you with tools you will use in both developing courses and in discovering the root causes of poor performance requiring additional training.

At your own pace and in your own time and with the assistance of an expert mentor you will learn how to:

  • Approach adults as active learners,
  • Analyze behaviors to determine the root causes of performance problems.
  • Identify the sequence of events necessary to accomplish a task.
  • Write behavioral objectives.
  • Integrate content and objectives to design active learning experiences.
  • Ask questions that facilitate adult learning retention.
  • Evaluate learning outcomes.

Once completed, you will receive a framed certificate stating that you are a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning.

Enroll today to become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning!

Access to all course materials online – no additional books to purchase!
A minimum of 7 separate email or web individual feedback sessions with an Educational and Training Specialist
Development of a complete “training workshop plan” tailored to your content and topic.
Individualized feedback – one on one to help you develop your best work.
A framed certificate stating that you have successfully completed 20 contact hours and are Certified as a Facilitator of Adult Learning

Note: Submission portions of this course require using Google Drive online in order to dialoge and collaborate with your Instructors.


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