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To learn to think is to learn how to live.

Thought makes form! Thought makes things!

For surely we become like the things in which we believe. Our thoughts make us what we are. We take on the characteristics of our convictions.

We can have anything we mentally accept. But if we cannot accept it mentally we cannot get it - no matter what we do.

30 day mental diet -"..for one month, do not accept a single negative thought or dwell on a single negative premise...thoughts will occur, just refuse to accept them, discard them immediately

That which you decide with the conscious mind and then commit to the action of the Law, in quiet trust, in perfect confidence, is that which will come to pass for you.

You need not work at thinking, at trying to find the right attitude toward something that happens to you. The problem arises because you have an attitude, a needless one. Dare to be without an attitude.

Never pull away suddenly from a negative thought or experience. Stay with it until you are indifferent to it or until it turns beautiful. Look at it, love it, then let it go.

What you notice, give attention to, talk about, get all worked up over emotionally is what you are inviting into your life, whether you mean to or not.

Every thought we think, every feeling we have, every word we speak goes out into the atmosphere to either heal or harm. Let us be healers. Let us be harmless.