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“When feasible, please send me some additional information on each of the steps that would be involved in becoming a certified facilitator of adult learning.”

Good Question, Thank you!

The first step would be to enter the course by signing up for CFAL

You will then receive 3 emails, an order confirmation, an email to sign into your new CFALpro account and a third email to sign into your Google Drive worksheet page.

Once in CFAL, the first page tells you how the course works and suggests ways to use the course information.

I’m looking for you to use the course information, self-tests and submissions for feedback to develop your own course using adult learning and facilitation principles.

You are never asked to do something that makes no sense to you. However, you are asked to study the materials and make an attempt to do the assignments before feedback is given. If you get completely lost, then say so in an assignment submission and together we will figure out how to get you back on track.

Finally, to become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning your course design must meet the criteria stated in the CFAL course objectives.

For example, if your course is to teach how to change a light bulb, your objective is “know how to change a lightbulb” and your learning experience is written or verbal lecture, this would not meet the standards for an adult learning course design. You don’t need this course to do that. The adult is simply looking for information, nothing more. 

BUT if your course is to electricians who need to change a variety of light bulbs in a variety of situations, then your objectives will become more detailed and your learning experiences more varied because you want your students to retain that information to use on the job in different situations. Creating that type of course is the end product of CFAL and shows to me that you understand what I’m teaching you, and can apply it to what you are teaching others.

Let me know any other questions.

To your Success,

Dr. Jill Henry