Create, Communicate, Facilitate

CFAL, Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning, provides one on one feedback as you develop your in person or on-line training course. Without this foundational knowledge, online training becomes nothing more than show and tell. Joan Burge at Office Dynamics International illustrated this in the following chart.

Adult Learning Retention Statistics:
Lecture – 5%
Reading – 10%
Demonstration – 30%
Group – 50%
Practice and Doing (experiential!) – 75%!

The typical online class uses lecture and demonstration, but omits Group and Practice which allow learners to develop competency and retain it. The ability to practice and work with the material while being given feedback is essential to the development of skilled problem solvers. Without the practice or doing element, the teacher/trainer has no idea whether the Adult Learner has grasped the material correctly or not. Practice must be facilitated correctly by using objectives as a road map and developing learner experiences appropriate to each objective.

CFAL takes you through a step by step learning process and provides one on one feedback at critical points in the learning process. You will be guided in course development and can choose whether to develop online or in person Adult Learning Experiences. With programs such as ZOOM, structuring group experience online is possible IF you know what skills you want your Adult Learners to achieve and you know how to structure and facilitate group experiences.

Even if you don’t want personal involvement with your Adult Learners, just Recurring Revenue by getting your course online, CFAL can help you make it the best course possible.

CFAL still allows you to proceed in a self-directed manner and at your own pace by providing feedback at 7 points when you need them. You control the time and location of the course.  This format is essential for certification. Click here to take a VIP Tour of CFAL on Zoom with Dr. Henry.