About Courses for Advanced Learning

Courses for Advanced Learning consists of 2 separate Online Classes for Adult Learning and Personal Empowerment

Training the Trainer Courses Teach you How to Teach Adults

  • How to Develop and Implement Course Plans meeting criteria for Business or Professional CEU's
  • How to Identify and Teach to different Learning Styles
  • How to Facilitate Adult Learning
  • How to Evaluate Learner Performance

Personal Empowerment Courses Teach you How to be your True Self

  • How to Quiet your Mind during Stress
  • How to Interact with the Energies of Different People, including Yourself!
  • How to develop qualities of Compassion, Humor and Respect
  • How to grow into the Person you Admire and want to Be!

Online Classes for Personal Empowerment Courses are Currently not Available. They will be online by June, 2020!

Our Company

Mountain Valley Center, located in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, is the home of CFAL Pro and our training effectiveness courses. We are dedicated to Exploring, Facilitating, and Advancing Well Being in ourselves, our communities, our businesses, our professionals, and our Nation. Explore our site for more information on how to teach adults, our online classes for adult learning and personal empowerment courses.

Our Course Developer is Dr. Jill Henry, EdD, PT, APP

Dr. Jill N. Henry, EdD
Dr. Jill N. Henry, EdD

Dr. Henry moved to the Mountains of North Carolina in 1994 and with her husband, established Mountain Valley Center.

Previous to offering training effectiveness courses online, she had taken 2 paths herself. The first path was Academic and Clinical, as a tenured Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at the Medical College of Georgia. There she taught not only physical therapy students, but taught Physical Therapists how to conduct training in the workplace. From those experiences evolved the Training the Trainer programs she provided across the country, not only to Allied Health Professionals, but to Businesses and Organizations too. 

In 1988 Dr. Henry earned her Doctoral Degree in Adult Education from the University of Georgia. Her research focused on Development and Learning for Transformation. In other words, how do people change from angry to calm, from selfish to compassionate, from narcissistic to empathetic? Out of her body of work, she opened a training center in August, GA. Moving to the mountains in 1994, the training effectiveness courses continued in a series of articles, resulting in her first published book – The Energy SourceBook – the Fundamentals of Personal Energy. Published in 2004, this book has been translated into 4 languages and received national awards.

In 2019, the Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning online class was completely revised and moved to this new website, helping people learn how to teach adults. Dr. Henry is currently working on converting the contents of her book into online self study courses and hopes to have the first Personal Empowerment course ready by late Spring, 2020


Dr. Jill Henry, Mountain Valley Center. 43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC 28763     

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Dr. Jill Henry, Mountain Valley Center. 43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC 28763