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CFAL is a process course. In it you will learn a process of thinking that enables you to move from the one way transmission of knowledge often called teaching into the partnership of facilitating learning in others.  You will have a mentor or guide to learn this process yet the work you produce during CFAL will be your own work, your own content, your own style, in your own time. I hope the words below excite you and “light your flame” for teaching and learning. 

education is kindling the flame, not filling a vessel - socrates

The focus of education, and in this case all Training and Development, is the kindling of a flame inside your learner to know more, to be more, to expect more. Learners are not empty vessels to be filled – each person has their own set of life experiences that come into play when learning. It’s the educator’s job to kindle the flame in such a way that the participant not only understands what is expected but wants to do it!  Because that is the only way your training will last beyond the average classroom or Zoom session. 

When the teacher becomes the star, eager to tell a captive audience what he or she knows without planning any learning experiences for the audience, entertainment occurs but it is unlikely learner skills are developed. This also includes demonstrations, which are a little more learner oriented, but if the learner never puts “hands on” the material being presented, their having learned it is hit or miss. Learner involvement, having the learner do the same things in training as they will on the job allows the learner to carry away with them skills they can begin to use after instruction has been completed. 

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How is CFAL Structured?

  • CFAL is Self- Paced.
  • Upon signing up and loging in, you are given access to all course materials. While there is a recommended way to proceed through the course, how you proceed is entirely up to you.
  • Within the course are pre/post test quizes. They are entirely for your awareness of what you know already and what you may need to learn. You are the only one who sees theses quizes and the answers are available at the end each time you take the quiz.
  • CFAL is competency based. You become certified as a Facilitator of Adult Learning when you have demonstrated meeting the CFAL course objectives by completing an entire course design based on your own content.
  • A file is set up for you on Google Drive (used to be Google Docs). As you build your course you will submit 7 pieces of your course design on your Google Drive page. Each part of your document is reviewed and feedback given within 2 business days of submission. 
  • Feedback may include suggestions and requests to expand or explain each section. Initial feedback is given in writing. If necessary a Zoom call may be set up to clarify what the objective is calling for and how you can meet it. That is, what part of your thinking, problem solving is getting stuck and together we will unstick it!
  •  At the completion of the 7 components and a course evaluation you will be mailed a signed and framed certificate for 20 hours of on-line continuting education.